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Believe in Yourself – and Your Customers Will Too

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QUALITY TIME With Master Kitchen + Bath Designer Sarah Reep

Your team may have state-of-the-art skills in kitchen and bath design and project management. You may also be able to offer your customers a full selection of “just what they need” products. And you may have superb sales processes and materials to provide support. Yes, right at your fingertips, you may have practically every tool you’ll need to serve your customers well. Yet the tools alone aren’t enough.

It’s even more important to believe. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your company. Believe in your products. Believe too that your confidence will carry you through any difficulties that may arise on the project. You shouldn’t need to hard-sell or boast, because your personal conviction will plainly show. This will build your customer’s belief in YOU. Remember: Your customer needs you to succeed – and they want to be confident in choosing you.

How will you build your customer’s belief in you? By doing these things:

1. Look Your Best 

Customers begin to draw conclusions about you the minute they see you. Dress cleanly and neatly, to fit the occasion. Your attire can be casual, while still conveying your professionalism and success. 

2. Listen Closely
As the saying goes: “Never take your product out of your pocket too soon.” What’s key are your customer’s wants and needs, not your sales targets. Listen and understand so your solutions will fit. 

3. Share Freely
When it’s time to propose your solution, err on the side of giving more information, not less. Your buyer will like getting “insider info.” Communicating your knowledge adds to the customer’s confidence in you. 

4. Stay on
Track Allow no gap between what you say and what you do. Take notes, track progress, and adjust course, if needed. Stay focused on the project’s end goal: your customer’s delight with their new kitchen or bath.

Here’s another key to winning your customer’s confidence:  Be real.

You hear so much today about the importance of being authentic. People want no part of a product or personality that feels put on, phony, or plastic. So why mask your true professional self under a “salesy” veneer? Say what you believe, and believe what you say. Demonstrate your reliability and expertise, don’t just claim them. Your customers will recognize you as the capable, friendly, and helpful resource they can count on to deliver the kitchen or bath design of their dreams.

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