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UV Effects

Natural sunlight contains Ultra Violet (UV) light rays that may affect the appearance of your cabinets. QualityCabinets has tested our wood types and finishes so that you may be able to determine the approximate effect that UV rays may have on the cabinetry in your home.

The tests we use follow the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards for quartz ultra violet light (QUV). The actual results in your home will vary depending on these three factors:

  1. Exposure to light (for example, direct from the south, east or west, or indirect from the north)
  2. The portion of the cabinet that receives the light (top, base, etc.)
  3. The wood itself. The finish does not change color, the wood itself will.

UV inhibitors have been applied to all QualityCabinets. With varying exposure to UV rays, and over time, color variations will occur.

Examples of UV Exposure

The pictures in this section indicate the tested effect of 24, 175 and 400 hours of UV exposure equal to that experienced at noon. The top half of each picture shows the effect on an unfinished door; the bottom half is the effect on the particular finish indicated.

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