How to Measure

What exactly is a kitchen/bath designer?

There are thousands of kitchen/bath design specialists available to help you organize your planning process and make stylish, cost-effective decisions.

Before the planning process can begin, the room must be measured to give your dealer/designer/contractor a solid idea of available space. The more accurate and complete the information, the more time you will save and the easier it will be to get your new cabinetry ordered and delivered.

To get started you will need a sheet of grid paper, pencil, tape measure and a copy of the measuring guide below:

How to Measure for Your New Kitchen (PDF)

For those interested in taking a more hands-on approach to their layout and design, we also have available a comprehensive list of 40 Guidelines of Kitchen Planning (PDF) that can provide you with further specifics for planning as well as a basic kitchen design checklist (PDF). Both were compiled using input from certified kitchen planners and licensed contractors, and they include recommendations that will enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of your new room.

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